by Marko Veselinovic

It is a new year and we are going to make progress everyday on Github Turning the Netlify.com website into a personal blog powered by the obsidian vault and some shell scripts. The stack: Markdown, Shell, CSS and HTML Beyond the Header and Footer everything else will be written in Markdown and compiled into HTML. The home page will be just a list of articles and the search bar will just be a hotkey for “cmd+f” (this is imposible) there will be no search bar, if the user is dumb enough not to know how to ctrl+f there is no saving them MANAGING STATE using URL parameters, even tho it might not work in a couple of years 4 scripts FIRST in the header checks if there are parameters dysl and light to apply the changes if needed SECUND and THIRD in the body apply or remove the dysl and light parameters from the url FOURTH and final checks for parameters in the url at the moment when a link is clicked and adds them to the URL path