by Marko Veselinovic

Found a name “BRAGI” its a Norse god of poetry and eloquence.

Now I just need to hack up a platform.

I think it will work the same way as Markdown to HTML converter.html Sophistry. I will set up everything and make people run an executable. I have to check how many pages I can post on Netlify.

I would need people to log in with Netlify so that’s out of the question. I might try to have them send the files to my server and then upload them to Netlify for the CDN. But at that point its redundant.

I found out every single CLI tool for pushing things to a static website host requires Node and it is making me depressed, I might have to create a full service for that too. For now I might try checking for the OS then installing Chocolatey or Homebrew and then installing Node from there.

Bun to the rescue, it has a curl command for mac on Linux and a PowerShell -c for windows, nice. Still using JS but at this point its ok.


PS C:\Users\Windows 10> bun install --global surge

Panic: Windows support for bun install is not implemented yet

bun has crashed :'(

----- bun meta -----
Bun v1.0.21-canary.17 (5d6c6812) Windows x64
Elapsed: 1ms | User: 0ms | Sys: 15ms
RSS: 14.11MB | Peak: 14.11MB | Commit: 25.54MB | Faults: 3559
----- bun meta -----

0   00007FF6C3C037C8

You can install PNPM with

iwr https://get.pnpm.io/install.ps1 -useb | iex

use it to install Surge but it still wont work without node… Otherwise Surge is great.