by Marko Veselinovic

Took an easy 4 day break to fix the PC, I built it myself 2 years ago and it died every 3 months without missing a beat. The technician in a shop told me that if it was his he would separate all the parts and try to sell them because something must be cursed.

On the topic of web development, twitter blessed me with a UI library

Its called ShuelaceUI and its a plug and play library with vanilla HTML and a CDN with a autoloader. Looking forward to making some HTMX websites based on GO.


I need to remake the Free Blog from Obsidian notes.html I want to turn it into a Portfolio website, because there is 0 to NO chance I will ever make one, or keep it updated. First thing is to move daily notes from the first page, or at least collapse them. At least I need to make sure the file order is always the same so I can organize them

Also also

There is news in the HTMX&GO community. A new Lib called htmx-go for setting up headers, works great and is small. Need to add it to Boilerplate Pocketbase-G + HTMX + Tmpl.html